A Dornish Woman

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Septiembre 11, 2014
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Fitzsimmons in 1x06.

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Septiembre 07, 2014
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marvel + watching loved ones fall

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Septiembre 07, 2014
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I YAHOO!-ed Myself with Natalie Dormer (x)

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Septiembre 07, 2014
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My theory about Malia on the finale:


As we saw there’s this written in the writer’s room: “Malia accepts the truth behind the sun, the moon and the truth” Satomi said that this means that monsters will always be monsters.

I think something’s going to happen that will made Malia break down, and she will feel she ruined the progress…

Septiembre 05, 2014
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Do you ever just go to the St!ydia tag to read about their delusions and see

"Stydia is based on character development, amazing chemistry, 3 seasons of build up, lydia slowly developing her feelings towards stiles, her going from ignoring him to being one of the closest people to…

Septiembre 04, 2014
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I always sleep in the middle of the bed.
Not anymore.

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Septiembre 04, 2014
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→ swan + anastasia.
             “how will we get through this?
            i never should have let them d a n c e.”

Septiembre 04, 2014
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I was glad to be out of the flowing silk skirts and to be running around with a semi-automatic rifle and army gear for a while. It was fun to be with the boys in the mud and the dirt, and being empowered in a physical sense. And now, after nine months of running around in dirt and water, it’s nice to get back into Margaery’s silk skirts.

Septiembre 04, 2014
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genial :’)

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Septiembre 04, 2014
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